Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Jailbird From San Fran

San Francisco - the hilly city. I remember watching some movies about San Francisco, and saw Anne Hathaway struggling to drive uphill on her stick-shift car, and also Cameron Diaz shaking her booty to get to her apartment, all the while dancing and a shakin. San Fran is indeed the perfect city to stay fit - IF you have the dicipline to walk and not drive.

But one of the movies that stuck to my head was X3 - The Last Stand. The X-Men fought Magneto on Alcatraz Island, which housed a maximum security prison - also featured in The Rock with Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage. So i was super excited to receive this cute, flexible guy from my Baby Sister...

And this classic license plate magnet,

And of course, this one from Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco.

Sigh.... what satisfaction....


  1. hai..salam perkenalan..
    cantiknya hrc san francisco nie..yang lelain pun lawa sgt..
    kalau2 nak tumpang belikan hrc fm leh tak?jemput singgah my blog..
    thks.. :)

  2. lyza,

    insyaAllah, ada rezeki, ada la hrc magnets tu. i pun selalu beli online je. :)