Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Very Historic Island

I got these magnets as a souvenir and a trade from 2 good friends of mine who live in Kuwait. It seems the farther you live from a certain place the higher the possibility that you would have souvenirs from it.

The last time i went to Langkawi Island was a good 20 years ago. The island is indeed legendary.

There's a very famous lake called Tasik Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maid's Lake) on one of the surrounding island of the same name. It is said that women who have problems conceiving would bathe in its water, and would be with child soonafter.

Langkawi has some of the purest, most beautiful white sandy beaches - once named one of the World's Best Kept Secrets.

But the real reason behind its fame is a fair maiden. Langkawi was said to be the home of one very beautiful Mahsuri. Her beauty caused her to be the heartbreaker to many. When she'd eventually married, some jealous man waited until her husband went away to war before accusing her of adultery, and somehow managed to influence her sentencing to death. When the sentence was carried out, white blood flowed from her chest - signifying her innocence.

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