Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hiatus = Torture

Ok, ok, i know.... been silent for a long time. I have been on a so-called hiatus from the magnet world - i am moving soon, and i have packed up my magnets. They are currently warm and cozy, all wrapped up in bubble wrap and packed up in their boxes......

Before i packed them up, i took some pictures for blogging purposes - but then, it seems, everytime i try to blog about them, i find that i miss them - and i can't exactly unpack the boxes just to look at them now, can i?????

Seriously. Magnets Hiatus is murder. Everywhere you look, you see magnets. I mean, when i log onto facebook, all i see are my friends updating their magnet collections, or selling new, gorgeous, shiny magnets! Since moving takes up a lot of room in your pockets, i made a deal with my Abang that i would refrain from buying magnets until the move is over. It's only been 3 months, and i am literally in pain!

I am sure that if you look it up in medical journals, you will find this illness to be real. I've got all the classic symptoms - i'm all jittery, restless, i've got sweaty palms, and for some reason the right palm keeps itching (in the Malay culture, that's a classic sign that you need to spend money), i've got green eyes everytime i see my friends' new collection, i salivate when new items are put up for sale.........

Really!! This is serious!!!!!

I've got Magnetia Addictivatitis!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Dream A Dream

I love animals. I do. I cried when Bambi's mother died, i even cry watching an elephant get separated from his caregiver after 20 years on the Discovery channel. I sobbed like a little girl when a little antelope adopted by a lioness got killed by a mean lion (bad lion!!!) on Animal Planet. I cried for days when my dear Tabby died, and i still get teared up when i see her beautiful photos.
Ok, maybe all we've established is the fact that i am a cry-baby. But surely that's normal, right???
So i always dream of a few things you know, hugging Orang Utans, swimming with dolphins, riding elephants... and if i ever had the chance to go to Aussie, i would definitely love to hug one of these cute Koala Bears...

But i definitely DON'T want to meet one of these.... EVER!!!!

I mean, do you know how long it took me to get back into the water after JAWS????

A Splattery Memory

This magnet actually reminded me of a good friend of mine, Galoh and her hubby Mat Nin.
NO..... they are not aborigines.... It's just that they went on a trip to Sarawak or something when we were in college, and came back carrying these Dijeridoos (did i spell that right??) around. I tried playing it a few times, but all i managed was splutterings and a very regretable spraying of the saliva. Ewwww.......

Aussie Flip Flops

So among the magnets i received from Aussie, 2 were that of flip flops.

But this one is rather unique, wouldn't you say??? So cute!!!!!


Here are more of the magnets Zai brought back from Brisbane for me.

Hmmm..... i wonder what the trandemark animal for Australia is. Any guesses?

Hug Me!

I once received this email from a friend, telling me to follow these simple instructions:

1. raise your right hand, put in on your left shoulder.
2. raise your left hand, put it on your right shoulder.
3. give yourself a little squeeze, and pretend it's me!!!!
So when Zai came back from Brisbane with this (among the many she bought for me) i was immediately reminded of that! Cute huh??

Aussie Presents......

My friends went on a trip to Aussie for a presentation. As usual, i gave them some money and told them that i couldn't live without a magnet from HRC Surfer's Paradise, Gold Coast. I also said that should them fine magnets be unavailable, just spend ALL the money on magnets.

They came back, and sure enough, HRC was out of stock (no worries - another good friend lives there!! Will make sure to let him know before he comes back next year!).

This is like, half of the loot they brought back for me. My Ma went through the package and wanted some.


Sleepy, and hungry. I'll go through these magnets from Aussie one by one next time k!!!

'tis Grand, 'tis.

A few months ago, my good friend Nana who lives in Dublin offered to buy magnets for me. And of course, i was powerless to resist. She then asked me what kind of magnets i like, and i told her - cute, metal, and preferably with an Irish landmark or symbol that makes it uniquely Irish, and none other. A month later, these arrived.
Knowing my obsession with HRC magnets, she bought me this wonderful one from HRC Dublin. It's so Irish. I swear to God, i've never seen it before, but i've always imagined them to be green - like those of the famous Irish Shamrock Leaves.
And then, she included these 3.
Super cute right????? And, all with Shamrocks!!!!!! I swear to God Nana, you know just what i like! Tq babe!

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thus, the mystery of the camera charger has been solved. The blessed charger was in one of the junk drawers - where i stuff things when in a hurry (you know, so that nobody can see it laying around??). So many magnets to photograph, so many anecdotes bursting out of my head to be typed up. Still..... my Ma always say - never rush..... always stretch, walk and powerwalk before you sprint....... and that's exactly what i'll do.....

I've recently purchased something that would require a lot of $$$$$ in the near future. Since i would need all the cash i can scour, i vouched to stop buying magnets for a while - at least until this thing i bought is settled with. The PA at my office, Azie, is aware of this new vow - and since all parcels go through her, there's no use sneaking purchases around her.

But then, 2 parcels arrive for me - just a few days ago - both from a beloved, and much cherished friend, Kak Sham. We had just met for the first time just a few days earlier, and she gave me these magnets from Bahrain.

Then, a week later, these arrive via courier - as belated birthday presents.
There's this cute medal for the greatest teacher award (aww.... *blush*)

These uber-cute flip flops from Qatar.

Just when i thought the Qatar package was gonna be the last one i would receive in a few months, this arrived the very next day.

Thank You Kak Sham!!! I love you so much!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Down Me

Well, it's been a long time since i last updated the blog. In my frustrations when England lost to Germany i gave my house an impromptu spring-cleaning session. I managed to tuck tonnes of my frustrations away. Then, the same team defeated my beloved Argentina. I cleaned the house out AGAIN. Finals came and my beloved ORANJE lost to Spain. MANNNN!!!!!!!!!! Will NONE of the teams i support win???

So, upon deciding to blog about these favourite teams of mine (represented by magnets, of course), i gathered a collection of magnets i have from England, Argentina and Holland, and grabbed my camera.

The battery was out. OUT!!!

I opened my drawer to get the charger. Not there. It must be in the closet then. Nope, not there. Ah.... that box i bought last month... Nope... not there either... The luggage i took to Korea??? (please God, don't let it be there - it'll just prove i'm too lazy to unpack).....fuh!!!! Nope... not there.

Within the next 1/2 hour, i managed to turn my tiny apartment upside down - and nary a camera charger was found!!!!!!


The last time i saw it was during the England-Germany spring-cleaning session. I'm pretty sure i put it somewhere, but then, i moved it during the Argentina-Germany spring-cleaning session, i think. Who can find anything in this mess i call a house?????

Where is it????

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Redeemed Dutch Regret

Holland... the home of Windmills, clogs, Anne Frank, legal weed, the Red Light District, thousands of bicycles and of course, THE ORANJE!!!!!!
I had the good fortune of visiting Amsterdam a few years back. I love the city. So beautiful. But since i was yet the magnet freak that i am today, i had to buy magnets from others as a keepsake....
I bought this Amsterdam magnet from my good friend Qies.

But if there's one thing i could knock myself in the head over and over about is that while i was there, i had 2 out of 3 meals at an Indonesian restaurant in the middle of the city. And to get to the restaurant, i had to pass..... HRC Amsterdam!!!!!!! I passed the cafe twice a day, and i didn't even go in!!! (Knocking myself on the head!!)
Thank God my friend Qies bought this on HER trip, and i grabbed it while stock's available!!

Now i'm just waiting for my other friend, Jai (who's in Holland as we speak) to come home... Jai, i shall raid your luggage when i see you! :)

Paris L'amour

I heard that it is a well-known fact that Parisians hate the Eiffel Tower. I for one can't get enough of it (well, i suppose that's easy for me to say - i don't live there!). In fact, even when the Eiffel Tower is all grunged-up with a guitar somehow incorporated into it, i seem to like it more!

Gorgeous isn't it???

Hollywood, Oh Hollywood!

I already have 1 HRC magnet from Hollywood - the one with the star of fame on it. But somehow i can't help myself. My Baby Sis Wokanna bought one of each from her trip to Hollywood. But I took the guitar one, and the other on my Ma's fridge back home. But when i saw this online the other day, i can't help it - i want!
Nice huh? Very old Hollywood!


Got these HRC magnets from Hawaii a few weeks back. More HRCs for my collection, less $$$$$ in me pocket! :(
There's this fierce Tiki-Face magnet from Honolulu

And also this cool surfboard from Maui

I don't really know why, but surfboards seem cooler when they come from Maui right? Or is that just me? :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Balls and Jerseys Part 2

So i spent quite a lot on FIFA Magnets in Balls and Jerseys before. Still, whenever i look at them cute metal thingies i can't help but smile. Then i received this package from my good friend Qies, who bought these rubber jerseys for me in Switzerland
(tq Qies!!).

So i proudly displayed them on the fridge. So cute. So many jerseys on my fridge. I like. Then my Abang came in, and asked about them new magnets.

"berapa banyak magnet FIFA awak beli nih?" In a sarcastic tone, it would mean "why do you need to have so many FIFA magnets?"

I pursed my lips, scowled and shrugged. He looked at me with a smirk that i immediately understood to mean - " You don't even know what OFFSIDE means!!!!!"

HMMPH!!! What does he know... right?

From Turkey with Love

My Ma and Abah were in Turkey last week. I distinctly told them i didn't want anything. A shot glass and some magnets will do. And my Ma and Abah did not disappoint!!!!
I love this flip-flop from one of the most famous hot-springs in the world (supposedly Cleopatra bathed there!)
I love this Jersey - perfectly inkeeping with the WorldCup!
And i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this metal Turkish Sandal my Ma got for me!!!! :)

TQ Ma! TQ Abah! Ailevyusomach!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Me Tummy Empty

Me tummy empty. Me hungry. Me want food. Not just any food.

Me want Manhattan Fishies!



I've been to Thailand. Once. Well, not Thailand per se... more like, Golok. For two hours. We ate Thai food (in a restaurant owned by a Thai-Malay family - the food tasted just like any average Thai restaurants in Malaysia), and bought some Totos (i have no idea what they really are - quilts? mattresses?).

'Twas too brief. Too short. Too similar.

I haven't even seen a Tuk-Tuk yet.
Much less an elephant!
Worry not, Thailand. I will come visit ye once more!!!

The Dog, the Gecko, and the Hornbill

On my way TO Korea, i made pit stops all over KLIA and bought Malaysian fridge magnets (what? if i don't buy them now, i might never get them at all!!!). I bought these right off the train ride we had to take to get to the departure hall, in a store dedicated to the Borneo and its marvellous resources and beauties.
Doesn't the map of Borneo remind you of a dog???? The beautiful (and not to mention HUGE) hornbill (Enggang in Malay) is the classic mascot for Borneo....
and the Gecko, well.... this one on the magnet is cute, but truthfully speaking, i wouldn't mind not running into them at all!!!!

My Colour!

I love this dress. I bought this magnet in Malaysia, but the dress is really Indonesian. It's Indonesia's traditional costume, the Kebaya. There's just something about the dress....

It's so feminine, yet very bold and strong. It's proper, yet very revealing It's lose, yet very tight. It's traditional, yet very modern.... and most important of all, it's in my colour, yet it doesn't come in my size!

Well, these days, nothing does, but i can dream right???


I bought this cute Korean fan magnet, and written behind it is the name of the design - Sam-Taegeuk. It represents the harmony of the the earth, the heavens and humanity. Apparently, the Sam-Taegeuk is a very popular design used in Korean fans.
But when i hear the work Taegeuk, i only remember the Taegeuks my Taekwondo instructors used to make me learn.... sigh......... what fond memories...
Taegeuk One! HAITTT!!!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mental Desert

It hit 41 degrees in KL last week. Really not a good time to be living in a small apartment, overlooking the sun, with no AC. That day, i sat in a pool of my own sweat, physically and mentally unable to do anything, but the vision of myself in Dubai came storming back, just like a big, bad sandstorm.

Try as i did, i could not shake the image of myself running outside the hotel lobby (where it was 52 degrees celcius), hailing a cab, and running back in when the cab didn't stop. That was all i could handle in the Dubai heat.

But then, even at 52 degrees, you don't sweat in the hot and dry weather. When it's 41 degrees in the hot and humid KL, you sweat, and perspire, and end up drenched in smelly, sticky, salty sweat. Not an experience anyone would miss!!!

As hot as i may be right now, i haven't forgotten my manners.

Thank You Anne!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Arigato Gozaimas!

My baby sister Wokanna went to Japan a few years back, and got my ma some of these cute magnets. Of course, i pulled the old-fashioned doe-eyed, weepy-faced trick on her, and poached some!!!

I got her to give me this pretty Kimono,

This delicious (not to mention realistic) looking Sushi,

this map of Japan,

and this Japanese scenery - complete with the Fuji mountain, some pretty Cherry Blossoms, and a Japanese house.

Rockin Pins!

I am a compulsive person. If i open a pack of biscuits, i have to eat them all. If i buy a book from an author i like, i have to buy them all. If i see magnets in a store somewhere, i somehow rationalize to myself that i need to buy them all.

So when i find myself attracted to these pins from Hard Rock Cafe, i decided from the moment i laid my eyes on them that i had to turn them into fridge magnets. I mean, my pockets are dry enough with my magnets obsession, i really don't need to burn another hole in already shallow pockets for pins.

Sigh........ My heart leaps!


My parents bought an old Mercedes when we were living in the UK. We travelled all around the UK in that car. There was the time we went to Wales and saw the Lake District, all the way North to Scotland to see the Loch Ness lake and it's legendary Nessie, it even took us to Land's End, way down south, where it broke down, and we had to ride 2 different AAA trucks to get back to Birmingham in the middle of a very cold, windy, autumn night.

When i got married, the Mercedes was a neglected car. My Abah then decided that since the car had brought us so many happy memories, he didn't want to sell it. So he gave it to my Hubby, who happily accepted it. But since the car is almost 25 years old, a lot had to be replaced. When he changed the steering wheel, the sentimental little girl in me decided to take the logo in the middle of the steering wheel, and turned it into a fridge magnet.

Everytime i look at it, i will remember all the nice time my family and i had spent in it, and all the places we've gone to. :)

Fitting In

Ok, it's not a secret that i am a magnet freak. So much so that i have managed to find ways to turn everything i find cute or pretty into fridge magnets. In my defense, i have to say, that way, i know where they are - rather than misplace them 2 seconds after i get them.

So far, i have turned this cute little Walter P99 pin i got from my Hubby's friend

This Keris keychain i bought in Malacca (kept trying to find a metal Keris magnet, but could not find one so far

And this Al-Jazeera coaster my friend Kak Linda gave me.

I can assure you that if you turn the pieces around, the hindsight is not so pretty. No matter, all that i care about is that they stick to the fridge!