Sunday, June 20, 2010

Redeemed Dutch Regret

Holland... the home of Windmills, clogs, Anne Frank, legal weed, the Red Light District, thousands of bicycles and of course, THE ORANJE!!!!!!
I had the good fortune of visiting Amsterdam a few years back. I love the city. So beautiful. But since i was yet the magnet freak that i am today, i had to buy magnets from others as a keepsake....
I bought this Amsterdam magnet from my good friend Qies.

But if there's one thing i could knock myself in the head over and over about is that while i was there, i had 2 out of 3 meals at an Indonesian restaurant in the middle of the city. And to get to the restaurant, i had to pass..... HRC Amsterdam!!!!!!! I passed the cafe twice a day, and i didn't even go in!!! (Knocking myself on the head!!)
Thank God my friend Qies bought this on HER trip, and i grabbed it while stock's available!!

Now i'm just waiting for my other friend, Jai (who's in Holland as we speak) to come home... Jai, i shall raid your luggage when i see you! :)

Paris L'amour

I heard that it is a well-known fact that Parisians hate the Eiffel Tower. I for one can't get enough of it (well, i suppose that's easy for me to say - i don't live there!). In fact, even when the Eiffel Tower is all grunged-up with a guitar somehow incorporated into it, i seem to like it more!

Gorgeous isn't it???

Hollywood, Oh Hollywood!

I already have 1 HRC magnet from Hollywood - the one with the star of fame on it. But somehow i can't help myself. My Baby Sis Wokanna bought one of each from her trip to Hollywood. But I took the guitar one, and the other on my Ma's fridge back home. But when i saw this online the other day, i can't help it - i want!
Nice huh? Very old Hollywood!


Got these HRC magnets from Hawaii a few weeks back. More HRCs for my collection, less $$$$$ in me pocket! :(
There's this fierce Tiki-Face magnet from Honolulu

And also this cool surfboard from Maui

I don't really know why, but surfboards seem cooler when they come from Maui right? Or is that just me? :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Balls and Jerseys Part 2

So i spent quite a lot on FIFA Magnets in Balls and Jerseys before. Still, whenever i look at them cute metal thingies i can't help but smile. Then i received this package from my good friend Qies, who bought these rubber jerseys for me in Switzerland
(tq Qies!!).

So i proudly displayed them on the fridge. So cute. So many jerseys on my fridge. I like. Then my Abang came in, and asked about them new magnets.

"berapa banyak magnet FIFA awak beli nih?" In a sarcastic tone, it would mean "why do you need to have so many FIFA magnets?"

I pursed my lips, scowled and shrugged. He looked at me with a smirk that i immediately understood to mean - " You don't even know what OFFSIDE means!!!!!"

HMMPH!!! What does he know... right?

From Turkey with Love

My Ma and Abah were in Turkey last week. I distinctly told them i didn't want anything. A shot glass and some magnets will do. And my Ma and Abah did not disappoint!!!!
I love this flip-flop from one of the most famous hot-springs in the world (supposedly Cleopatra bathed there!)
I love this Jersey - perfectly inkeeping with the WorldCup!
And i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this metal Turkish Sandal my Ma got for me!!!! :)

TQ Ma! TQ Abah! Ailevyusomach!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Me Tummy Empty

Me tummy empty. Me hungry. Me want food. Not just any food.

Me want Manhattan Fishies!



I've been to Thailand. Once. Well, not Thailand per se... more like, Golok. For two hours. We ate Thai food (in a restaurant owned by a Thai-Malay family - the food tasted just like any average Thai restaurants in Malaysia), and bought some Totos (i have no idea what they really are - quilts? mattresses?).

'Twas too brief. Too short. Too similar.

I haven't even seen a Tuk-Tuk yet.
Much less an elephant!
Worry not, Thailand. I will come visit ye once more!!!

The Dog, the Gecko, and the Hornbill

On my way TO Korea, i made pit stops all over KLIA and bought Malaysian fridge magnets (what? if i don't buy them now, i might never get them at all!!!). I bought these right off the train ride we had to take to get to the departure hall, in a store dedicated to the Borneo and its marvellous resources and beauties.
Doesn't the map of Borneo remind you of a dog???? The beautiful (and not to mention HUGE) hornbill (Enggang in Malay) is the classic mascot for Borneo....
and the Gecko, well.... this one on the magnet is cute, but truthfully speaking, i wouldn't mind not running into them at all!!!!

My Colour!

I love this dress. I bought this magnet in Malaysia, but the dress is really Indonesian. It's Indonesia's traditional costume, the Kebaya. There's just something about the dress....

It's so feminine, yet very bold and strong. It's proper, yet very revealing It's lose, yet very tight. It's traditional, yet very modern.... and most important of all, it's in my colour, yet it doesn't come in my size!

Well, these days, nothing does, but i can dream right???


I bought this cute Korean fan magnet, and written behind it is the name of the design - Sam-Taegeuk. It represents the harmony of the the earth, the heavens and humanity. Apparently, the Sam-Taegeuk is a very popular design used in Korean fans.
But when i hear the work Taegeuk, i only remember the Taegeuks my Taekwondo instructors used to make me learn.... sigh......... what fond memories...
Taegeuk One! HAITTT!!!!!!