Thursday, February 25, 2010

Howdy Cowboy!!

Remember Dallas? I was always a sucker for J.R. That cowboy hat of his... oh so macho!
My baby sister Wokanna went to Texas two years ago. She got me these magnets. I have to say, these could be the most adventurous magnets i've ever gotten. Wokanna was literally caught in the middle of Hurricane Ike during her trip. In the middle of Ramadhan. She was at the airport, only to find that all flights have been delayed. They were closing the airport down. The electricity was gone. She and her colleagues were rushed off back to the hotel - stopping only to get bottled water and some very basic sustenance.
She sat in her dark hotel room for 4 days - without electricity. Thank God the water supply was still available. Thank God for iPods, and a fully charged laptop to charge it with.

So she came home from her adventure, and brought me these.

An Austin Peanut

A cowboy hat from San Antonio

A very convincing Cow Skull thingy

An awesome CowHide Cowboy boot from Houston

An awesome Hard Rock Cafe magnet from Houston

And a very beautiful and artistic Hard Rock Cafe magnet from San Antonio
I appreciate these, more than i can ever say. With all the things she went through during her trip, these little beauties are worth so much!

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