Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Heroic Little Boy

I remember following Ah Weng, our tour guide through the cobbled streets of Brussels, through sweet little shops and restaurants, with mussels from Brussels being offered to us along the way. Ah Weng did not have an easy task. Leading a group of pensioners and their children through crowded streets full of souvenir shops and intricate lace stores (and having the lady pensioners stopping every five feet to gawk at laces and souvenir plates) was daunting.

Turn after turn, after turn, and i was about ready to give up (i'd seriously thought he'd lost his way), we turned a final corner, walked to the end of the street, and there it was. The Manneken Pis.

A heroic little boy whose story has been told again and again there are several version. My personal favourite is the one where the boy spied on some enemies lighting a fuse to some explosives in the city. Seeing this, the little boy ran to the fuse as soon as the enemy left and peed all over the fuse, extinguishing it.

Manneken Pis is Dutch for "Little Man Urinating" (Wikiledia, 2010). Now this little hero pees eternally.

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