Wednesday, April 18, 2012

From the Sky, unto my Ever-so-willing Lap!

It really is a mystery. I haven't been on the magnet hunt for a while. Really. I haven't.

New house to make homey, new office to get used to, new schedules to fulfill, new jam-riddled routes to take, new shows on TV to watch.....


I really haven't had the time, nay, the opportunity to buy new magnets at all!


HRC London

 HRC Las Vegas
 HRC Memphis
 HRC Uyeno-Eki Tokyo
 HRC Singapore
HRC Paris

As marvelous as them magnets are, i have a confession to make.

I have "no idea" how these got in my collection.

Honest Ma! I didn't go looking for them!

I swear!


Beautiful Borneo

I am a Malaysian citizen. In our small country, we have 14 glorious states. 2 of these glorious states are on the island of Borneo. I am ashamed to say that my first visit to beautiful Sabah only took place a few months ago. 

The beaches were wonderfully delicious and inviting
The ever so famous Mount Kinabalu was magnificent....

The fabulous Rafflesia was blooming....

But of course, the most tempting of all were the selection of magnets!

 The map of Sabah - I remember memorising it as the doghead-shaped state in Geography as a kid...

Mount Kinabalu

The Enggang bird, and the Rafflesia - the biggest flower in the world. This magnet confused me though - i thought Enggang is the mascot of Sarawak, not Sabah? Owell!!! Still a nice magnet i say!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hall of Fame

We recently had to move offices. We were transferred back to our old office, right smack in the middle of the city. After 5 years in that dingy building, that small, cowboy town that we once hated.

When we were first sent there, we hated it. All of us. The buildings were old and had been left empty and unoccupied for at least 10 years. They renovated it, of course, but we hated it still. The bitterness of being sent away from the old office stuck with us for quite some time. In our eyes, the new coat of paint did not exist. Nor did the brand new air conditioning that occupied every single room in the campus. Neither did the brand new furnitures. All we saw was the dilapidated buildings they used to be, and the "fact" that we were not wanted in the old office and sent there to "rot". In a ghost town. Where there were no grown trees, proper parking lot, fences, or shopping malls.

Then we started working there. The coat of fresh paint began to peel off, the air conditioning began to fail, the furnitures began to crack, the toilets failed countless times.... we had countless break ins, ghostly encounters, near snatchings, near accidents.......

But we also had great fun eating at the many eateries that filled our surroundings, we had fun shopping for groceries at the hypermarket without the long queues, we spent almost all of our time in the general office, where everybody knows our name......

And we were called back to the old office. The dingy buildings are closing down. And the unthinkable happened.

We were all devastated. We didn't want to leave. We love that place. Everyone who was "cast" there felt the same way. Suddenly that dingy, dilapidated place was all shiny and brand-spanking-new to our eyes again.

To remind us of the good times we had there, we had this sweet momento made - a small magnet piece that represents how happy, and how special we all were in that "Cowboy Town", regardless of our feelings when we first laid our eyes on the place 5 years ago.

Good Bye Nilai. Thank you for the memories. We shall miss you!!!