Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hands Off!!!!!

I love children. I do. I don't have any, but i do love them. My house is generally child-friendly. I don't have sharp edges, i keep the door to the balcony closed, and i don't put out breakables within their reach.

My magnets? I put them high up on the wall. Some are on the fridge, but i normally remove those when i am expecting children in the house. Better safe than sorry.

What gets me is after all my efforts to keep my magnets safe (hanging them up high, putting them away in boxes), there are always children who are tempted to redecorate my magnet boards, or worse, to make my magnets their own. Often, when they express these demands, i smile quietly inside - the magnets are out of reach guys.... good luck to ya!!!!

But to my horror, some parents would lift the kids up, and help redecorate my magnet boards, or take the magnets off for them to play with!!!!!!


Do i go to your houses and play with your China????

Some people don't get it. Some of the magnets are extremely fragile. Some are incredibly expensive, and definitely irreplacable.

So please...... both children and parents alike....

HANDS OFF ya!!!!

Home Sweet Home

After months of being in boxes, my magnets finally saw some sunlight again a few weeks ago. Though i have to say, the shape they were in made me a bit sad. I mean, the rubber ones were sticking to each other, some of the magnets came off, some bent, some got dirtied by the colours of their neighbours, and one broke.

So much for my careful packing system. SIGH............

Nonetheless... they are all ok now. They're out to see the world again.

I promised my babies i'd get them new boards, and i delivered!

Welcome home my loves!!!