Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hello All!!!!!!!!!!!

This page is a dedication to all magnet lovers such as myself out there. It's amazing how such a tiny piece of art with a piece of magnet stuck to the back can make one feel so satisfied - despite the amount of time we have to spend to build a collection!!

I am a beginner, i would say. I've only been collecting seriously for the past year or so. Hopefully, this page can connect me to more magnet lovers out there, and that could perhaps be the beginning of a beautiful friendship - filled with trades and an ever-growing collection!!!



  1. hi there, m bloghopping frm sgp... m a fms collector too! nice collections uve got there! ;-))

  2. dear ratu,

    tq! just celebrated my first year as a serious fridge magnet collector. tq for stopping by. keep reading ya! :)