Friday, April 30, 2010

How Do I Shoes?

My FBMC friend Kak Nor told me of this Korean shoes that she got - these cute, colourful pair of shoes. So i kept my eyes out for them. I found them, of course, but i also found another type of Korean shoes - smaller, but precious all the same.

So how do i choose?

Screw it. I bought them both!

Namdaemun Rush

I was on my way back to the tour bus after my Ma's brooch shopping trip in Namdaemun market in Seoul - when i saw these in an underground shop, right below the busy streets.

So naturally, i got them! Didn't even ask for the price!

Mr and Mrs Emperor

Most of the cute doll magnets in Korea were sold in pairs. But these were not. They were sold individually. For reasons that i absolutely can't seem to fathom, i only bought a pair, and one extra for the empires dress - i mean, i got friends from my FBMC (Facebook Magnets Circle - a term i came up with just so we don't sound too nerdy - LOL) asking for them. Man! Why la so blur Ozzie?????

I don't blame my friends for asking me about them magnets though. They are cool!

I just hope there will be a next time for me and Korea, just so that i can buy some more!

Two of a Kind

Two of a kind... for your information, we're two of a kind.....

I have no idea who sang that song, but it's kinda stuck in my head now.

Korea was fun, but the magnets choice were not that varied - you basically run into the same items at all souvenir shops.

What they did have in plenty were these cute, paired up dolls - too cute to pass.

I bought these cause their matching outfits were too adorable

And i bought these cause, well, how could i not? Look at them!

If You Wish Upon a Star

During my flight tranfer from Korea, i went all over the Hong Kong International Airport, looking for a magnet from Hong Kong to add to my collection. I found some, but not enough to tempt me.

But then, i heard a news along the grapevine.

Rumour has it that Disneyland Hong Kong has a souvenir shop, right there, somewhere in the airport.

I went round and round. Dragging my poor Ma along with me, along with our little trolley with the 2 small carry-ons we had with us.

Who knew it'd be so challenging to find a souvenir store in an airport?

But i found it.

Got myself this colourful magnets from Disneyland.

And this uber-cool metal magnet with Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Minnie spinning around it.

Now i officially have magnets from Disneyland, Hong Kong. '

So what if i've never actually been there, right???


Ready, Set, Fly!

When I saw the castles and traditional buildings in Korea, I thought, "Huh, they look just like the ones we might see in China or Japan".

But then, Bill, my tour guide explained the significance of the roof.

Just like a the wings of a bird - all spread out and preparing to fly.

It's unique. It's positive. It's ambitious.

Nobody's Business

I went on a trip to beautiful Korea recently. Gorgeous country. Totally love it. Would really like to go again someday.

So i went with a tour group, and had a great time.

As usual, everyone had this mysterious, magical thing happen to them. Their luggage magically doubled, and in some cases, TRIPLED! I mean, they arrived in Korea with one bag, and went home with 3!!!

Well, i came home with the same amount of bags. Only they are stuffed with fridge magnets. One thing bothered me though.... when the people in my tour group saw how much magnets i bought, they shook their heads, and said:


Er.... hello??? Did i ask you to pay for the magnets?????

I didn't judge them buying brooches by the cases (as if there are no brooches to be found in Malaysia), so they shouldn't judge me about my nice magnets!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

At Last....

The first time i saw this magnet was on an ad online. It was rather pricey, and i didn't know the seller. I reluctantly let it go.

The second time i tried to buy this magnet was on 'Twas no longer available. I had no choice but to let it go.

Then my cousin in the UK was coming home, and i asked dher to buy one for me, IF she happened to pass by the area.... wouldn't want to trouble her with my obsession. She didn't pass through - not that i blame her. 'Twas indeed quite a distance from her place. I smiled and let it go.

My sister's colleague went to London for work. She ordered some from him. He came back with ONE magnet. Naturally, she gave it to my Ma. I willingly let it go.

My friend Anne planned a trip to the UK this month, and i ordered one from her. I was happy, knowing that i would finally get one from her. I waited.

2 weeks before Anne even boarded the plane to the UK, my good friend Ana called - her brother who's living in Munich was on one of his tours across Europe. He bought me one.


'Twas clearly meant to be wasn't it????


Sunday, April 4, 2010

See the Difference?????

These are bottle openers. Picture Credit Here

There are a few bottle openers in my house.

This is a pair of Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors.

It also functions as a bottle opener.

In fact, there are a few bottle openers on this scissors alone.

This is also a bottle opener.

When you want to open a bottle, you simply choose one of the many bottle openers available in your house, and pop the bottlecap off!


there are some bottle openers which, despite its name, it has to be understood that under NO circumstances are they to be used to open a bottle, EVER!!!!!!

Use them as bottle openers, and you will lose a finger!


A Cool Case

I've had guitar heads, i've had whole guitars, i've had cocktail glasses, i've had guitar picks.

So now i have a guitar case as well. Me happy. :)


Gutten Tag. Mein name is Ozzie. Ich bin Zwei und Dreizig jahre alt.
I am so getting sued by those who calls Deutch their mothertongue. Sorry guys. My Deutch is super rusty.

I had Deutch classes when i was living in the UK. They had this fieldtrip to Germany during the summer, but i didn't have the chance to go. So we actually spent 3 months learning how to ask for directions, how to ask for the loo (enschuldigang sie bitte, wo is de toiletten bitte??) how to ask for hotels with double rooms, and how to order food and drinks at restaurants.

Well, i forgot how to order, but i had no problems ordering these cool beer mugs from the Deutchland!!!!!!!!

Danke Schoen!

Going Green

Our world is dying. The fat lady is officially at the end of her song. It's time we do something to save her. Let's salvage whatever resources we have left and make our planet a safe haven a little bit longer.


Mamma Mia!

I love that movie. I love the songs, i love the actors, but most of all i love the gorgeous Greek Island they used as the set. Gorgeous. Never in my mind have i imagined the sea to be that blue. It's heaven.

So, until i get there, all i will have from Greece is this Flip-Flop.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

All Kiwis

My good friend Azie's husband went to New Zealand, and came home with these great magnets for me.

A Flip-Flop from Auckland

A rubber animals-of-NZ magnet

and of course,

The New Zealand All Blacks!!!

Thanks Azie, Thanks An!!!

Advice From A Simpleton

For almost 20 years, my favourite movie has been the same. The one and only.

Forrest Gump.

Something about it - the way an honest, simple man views the world, left a big impact in my world. Everything is seen as sincere, even if they are not. Everything is innocent, even if they are evil. Trust that all will be well, and they will be.

"The world will never be the same, once you've seen them through the eyes of Forrest Gump"

So when the Bubba Gump restaurant opened its doors at The Curve, I had a look see. They sold these great magnets, and i now put them on my fridge, and every day i wish i too would one day have the positivity that Forrest had.

The very words of wisdom I hold my life to - we never know where life would take us. So true, Forrest, so true.

And you are only what people say you are, if you let it be true.

Now, if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go watch Forrest again - for the Hundreth time, and maybe a hundred times more after that!!

A Very Worthy Compensation

I have been buying magnets online for as long as i knew they were available online. I had never had any problems with the deliveries and payments - save one. I once purchased a rubber phone booth magnet from my friend Lynn - my first time buying from her. The item never made it to me.

Naturally, Lynn was mortified. She was so worried about the missing item, and kept on apologizing to me. So when i bought another magnet from her, she sent this one as an extra.
I love it Lynn! Thank You! Muahs!

How do i choose???

There are many different types of magnets. But basically, we can divide them into four major categories - metal, ceramic, rubber, wood. Many asks - which ones do i love the most???

How do i decide????

Metal magnets are tough. Intricate, beautiful, classy, and not to mention - EXPENSIVE. They may not be as colourful (most of them anyway), but if they fall off the fridge, they don't break. Tough as a nail.

Ceramic magnets are gorgeous. Colourful, extremely delicate, especially when done with great care and artistry. Very beautiful to look at, although some can be very carelessly done - makes them look cheap. Still, the beautiful ones are worth buying, but always be prepared for tears - they break into little pieces should they fall off. They break, and breaks your heart in the process.

Rubber ones are very commercial - very obviously bulk made. No personal touches - all printed the same way. Over time, they bend - especially if exposed to heat or direct sunlight. But their colourful nature, and the cute little graphics printed on them makes it all worth your greens. And of course, breaking upon falling is never a worry for these precious babies.
Wooden magnets are rare - and i suppose, like wood, they rot easily over time. But some are made with the latest of technologies and cut with laser - making the graphics flawless. They have a certain rustic look to them. Instead of breaking into pieces, these wooden pieces of art will split clean in two if they fall.

There. All the pluses and minuses of all the types of magnets i can think of. All have flaws and advantages. So how do i choose the ones i like the most? Which ones are my favourites????

My favourites are the ones with magnets stuck to the back of them. Hell, i like them all!!!!

Hi, my name is Ozzie. I am greedy, and I am not ashamed to say so!!!