Sunday, March 27, 2011


When i was actually there, i thought i would never want to go back. After all, what person in their right minds would want to go back to the place where they make you sit for hours at a time listening to lectures you don't understand and take exams you are never prepared for, right??????????

But now that i have left, i found that there is a soft spot in my heart for it.

So here's to my Alma Mater.


Come Fly With Me

On my way to Mecca for my memorable Umrah trip, my cousin Gee showed me the In-Flight Shopping catalogue that MAS provided, of one particular item - henceforth shall be called 'the cutenesses'. Being on the way to the Baitullah, i resisted, and put it off from my mind. I am on my way to worship. Not to go shopping.

On my way back though, the catalogue waved at me. Literally. In my bleary, jet-lagged haze, i called upon the stewardess to purchase the item. When she put the cutenesses in my hands, i cannot help but smile. My Ma was scowling the entire time. She was tired, sleepy and cranky. But then her face softened as she held the cutenesses... and when my Abang came to pick me up, i took them out to show him, but one of the cutenesses was gone. My Ma looked suspiciously guilty about it. Hmmmmm.........

I don't blame her though.

Cuteness!!!! Right?????????

Beary Harrods!

I have always wanted to stop by the Harrods in KLIA. I don't know why i have never done that ever. Well, this time i did, leaving my tired, disgruntled, jet-lagged Ma and baby sis Wokanna to hang on to my luggage while i ran into the famous green and gold signed door.

Look what i found!!!Policeman Bear

Piper Bear

Guardsman Bear

Beefeater Bear

When i finally came out, my Ma and Wokanna's jetlags disappeared when they saw these bears! Being so tired, my Ma sent Wokanna in to get her some!!! :)

T'was indeed a very productive stop. Don't you think???

Bonjour from Paris!!!

I had originally switched on my laptop on a hot, Sunday afternoon to do some work, but then my flashy new HRC magnet decided that i should blog about it instead.

Who am i to resit???

So introducing my new HRC Magnet from Paris.....

Isn't she lovely????