Monday, March 1, 2010

Harrod's, Oh Harrod's!

When you are a shopahollic, i guess it'd be a dream to shop at grand, famous shops like Harrod's. I mean, the place sells elephants for crying out loud. It's one of those stores that require a dress code. So i once persuaded my Ma to buy a bottle of perfume from Harrod's in London, just for the sake of shopping at Harrod's. Then, i patiently waited for her to have newer perfumes so that she'd forget about that purple bottle, and i 'borrowed' it - and now i can tell people i have a bottle of Dior's Poison from Harrod's!! Somehow it sounded more posh and expensive when i mention the name.

So when i'd heard that Harrod's opened a branch in KLCC i asked if they sell magnets, and voila! The salesgirl pulled out 6 sweet hand-painted magnets with the Harrod's brand - bit overpriced though. So i called my cousin who lives in London and asked her to get me some - they're only 4.99 a piece there!!! So now i have these three, but i'm a hankerin to get my claws on the other three!

So far i have:

a cute Harrod's truck

a full shopping bag (ah... my dream come true)

and Harrod's Rodney bear!

As i understand it, the bear was named after Harrod's oldest and most loyal employee/doorman, Rodney. Ain't that sweet?

So now i'm biding my time til i get the other three!

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