Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Ireland With Love

I have a school friend who lives in Dublin. I didn't know her that well when we were in school, but somehow reconnected on Facebook. When i found out she was coming home for Eid, i swallowed my pride (i've learned that sometimes you just have to pull on a thicker set of skin to get your collection going) and asked her if she could get me some Irish magnets, as i don't know anyone else from Ireland.

When she arrived in Malaysia, she gave me a call. When we met, she showed me three pieces of magnets.

An Irish Poem

An Irish Shamrock Leaf

An Irish Flag

I sat down and struggled to choose one of the three. They were all stunning, but i didn't want to hog them all. She saw this, and pushed them all my way.

"I only bought these three. These are all yours".

I was stunned, and touched. Even more so when she pushed my purse back into my handbag when i offered to pay her for them.

Thank You Nana. I don't know what to say. I'll remember this. I owe you one.

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