Friday, May 28, 2010

Mental Desert

It hit 41 degrees in KL last week. Really not a good time to be living in a small apartment, overlooking the sun, with no AC. That day, i sat in a pool of my own sweat, physically and mentally unable to do anything, but the vision of myself in Dubai came storming back, just like a big, bad sandstorm.

Try as i did, i could not shake the image of myself running outside the hotel lobby (where it was 52 degrees celcius), hailing a cab, and running back in when the cab didn't stop. That was all i could handle in the Dubai heat.

But then, even at 52 degrees, you don't sweat in the hot and dry weather. When it's 41 degrees in the hot and humid KL, you sweat, and perspire, and end up drenched in smelly, sticky, salty sweat. Not an experience anyone would miss!!!

As hot as i may be right now, i haven't forgotten my manners.

Thank You Anne!

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