Monday, July 19, 2010

The Down Me

Well, it's been a long time since i last updated the blog. In my frustrations when England lost to Germany i gave my house an impromptu spring-cleaning session. I managed to tuck tonnes of my frustrations away. Then, the same team defeated my beloved Argentina. I cleaned the house out AGAIN. Finals came and my beloved ORANJE lost to Spain. MANNNN!!!!!!!!!! Will NONE of the teams i support win???

So, upon deciding to blog about these favourite teams of mine (represented by magnets, of course), i gathered a collection of magnets i have from England, Argentina and Holland, and grabbed my camera.

The battery was out. OUT!!!

I opened my drawer to get the charger. Not there. It must be in the closet then. Nope, not there. Ah.... that box i bought last month... Nope... not there either... The luggage i took to Korea??? (please God, don't let it be there - it'll just prove i'm too lazy to unpack).....fuh!!!! Nope... not there.

Within the next 1/2 hour, i managed to turn my tiny apartment upside down - and nary a camera charger was found!!!!!!


The last time i saw it was during the England-Germany spring-cleaning session. I'm pretty sure i put it somewhere, but then, i moved it during the Argentina-Germany spring-cleaning session, i think. Who can find anything in this mess i call a house?????

Where is it????

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