Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thus, the mystery of the camera charger has been solved. The blessed charger was in one of the junk drawers - where i stuff things when in a hurry (you know, so that nobody can see it laying around??). So many magnets to photograph, so many anecdotes bursting out of my head to be typed up. Still..... my Ma always say - never rush..... always stretch, walk and powerwalk before you sprint....... and that's exactly what i'll do.....

I've recently purchased something that would require a lot of $$$$$ in the near future. Since i would need all the cash i can scour, i vouched to stop buying magnets for a while - at least until this thing i bought is settled with. The PA at my office, Azie, is aware of this new vow - and since all parcels go through her, there's no use sneaking purchases around her.

But then, 2 parcels arrive for me - just a few days ago - both from a beloved, and much cherished friend, Kak Sham. We had just met for the first time just a few days earlier, and she gave me these magnets from Bahrain.

Then, a week later, these arrive via courier - as belated birthday presents.
There's this cute medal for the greatest teacher award (aww.... *blush*)

These uber-cute flip flops from Qatar.

Just when i thought the Qatar package was gonna be the last one i would receive in a few months, this arrived the very next day.

Thank You Kak Sham!!! I love you so much!!!!

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