Sunday, June 20, 2010

Redeemed Dutch Regret

Holland... the home of Windmills, clogs, Anne Frank, legal weed, the Red Light District, thousands of bicycles and of course, THE ORANJE!!!!!!
I had the good fortune of visiting Amsterdam a few years back. I love the city. So beautiful. But since i was yet the magnet freak that i am today, i had to buy magnets from others as a keepsake....
I bought this Amsterdam magnet from my good friend Qies.

But if there's one thing i could knock myself in the head over and over about is that while i was there, i had 2 out of 3 meals at an Indonesian restaurant in the middle of the city. And to get to the restaurant, i had to pass..... HRC Amsterdam!!!!!!! I passed the cafe twice a day, and i didn't even go in!!! (Knocking myself on the head!!)
Thank God my friend Qies bought this on HER trip, and i grabbed it while stock's available!!

Now i'm just waiting for my other friend, Jai (who's in Holland as we speak) to come home... Jai, i shall raid your luggage when i see you! :)

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