Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A True Heritage

My late Cik lived in a traditional Malaysian Kampung House. I didn't like the house when i was a kid. I thought it creaked and croaked, and the fact that we had to go outside to do our business just didn't sit well with me. Oh... and the fact that there was an old, abandoned graveyard in front of it didn't help with things either.

So last week, when Wokanna, myself and our cousin Gee went to Penang for an all-girls holiday, we decided to visit the birth-home of Malaysias very own gem, the late, great, Tan Sri P. Ramlee. The house is a typical Kampung House, very small, very quaint, very cute. Wokanna was enjoying herself, unashamedly closing and opening the doors and windows, speaking in dialogues OUT LOUD - as if that was her home, and she was inviting guests inside, telling them that sitting out in the foyer is better, since it's cooler (rolling my eyes...).

I was laughing, but i have to admit. The moment i stepped into the house, i felt tears prickling - i realized straightaway that i miss the creaky old house in front of the abandoned graveyard. I had some very good times there. I miss sleeping out on the foyer with my cousins on cool, breezy evenings and waking up in the morning to the coolest breakfast spread EVER! I also realized i miss Cik. So much. And how i wished i had been kinder towards her, instead of being the grumpy grand daughter i was.

I miss you Cik. Al Fatihah.

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