Monday, March 1, 2010

Bear and Guitar

I got these sweet magnets from Denver, Colorado from my baby sister. I guess having these magnets would represent Colorado in my eyes - i have no idea if i'll ever go there someday. But for now, i have these.

A cute, shy-looking bear

A classical guitar from Hard Rock Cafe. I like the colour. Very rustic. Makes it look classic and antique-ish doesn't it?


  1. kalo ada fm hrc lg..g tau k..

  2. cantiknya HRC Denver tu... kalo ada peluang blh tak GH nk kirim HRC magnets dari u..

    salam perkenalan... ;-)

  3. GH,

    tq. memang cantik. i selalu beli online. x pun my sister belikan bila dia travel. insyaAllah, kalau dia pegi mana2 lagi, i akan suruh dia beli lebih.

    nice to meet you! :)