Monday, March 1, 2010

The First Step

The one very good thing about Facebook is the fact that it can bring people together... you know, the six degrees of separation rule and all. So i met this person on Facebook. She's one of the 'taiko' in the fridge magnet world - her magnet collection can make people cry - so to speak. She's Malay, but is living in Kuwait with her family. So when my good friend Anne (who's also living in Kuwait) introduced us on Facebook, i told her that i wanted my collection to grow bigger, but i don't have that many contacts.

A few days later, she e-mailed me on Facebook, asking for my address. And a week later, i received this beautiful magnet from Iran

It was the start of a very beautiful friendship. She didn't even know me, and still she thought of me. We'd exchanged so many magnets ever since. My collection grew with her help. But this particular magnet was definitely the first step. Thank You Kak Sham!

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