Friday, March 5, 2010

The Singaporean Challenges

Most of you should know by now that i have a craze over Hard Rock Cafe fridge magnets. So when i had the opportunity to go to Singapore last year, i was super excited by the fact that there are TWO Hard Rock Cafes in Singapore. I dreamt about coming home with TWO new HRC magnets.

So when i got to Singapore, i dragged my travelling buddy Kak Intan to HRC first, despite the fact that it is situated at the other end of the very long road that we were staying at. We took a cab, and i almost forgot to pay the cabbie out of over-excitement. I practically ran up the stairs, pushed the doors open with all my might and went straight to the counter to ask the employee for those sturdy, beautifully crafted magnets. He looked at me, smiled and said,

"Sorry ma'am. They're out of stock"


I walked out of HRC with the biggest sour puss ever. Thank God for all the other merchandises available. Otherwise i would've sulked throughout the entire trip!!!

No matter, there's still that HRC at the airport to look forward to. So on our way back, we got the cabbie to drop us at Terminal 3, as that's where HRC is located. We walked in and went straight to the Information Centre - only to find out that we have to check in at Terminal 1 before being able to get to HRC. So we dragged our now heavy bags to the train, went to Terminal 1, checked in and rushed to the train back to Terminal 3, found the HRC and.......

suddenly i was tired no longer.

Sure, i didn't get the magnet from the City branch, but Singapore, i shall be back, and i shall drag everyone i go with to the HRC to get that work of art!

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