Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Frantic SMS, and a Frantic Me

I received another frantic SMS all the way from Kuwait - also from Kak Sham. "Ozzie, this is URGENT!. A friend is in Vietnam. You interested?

As if you have to ask Kak Sham. I replied immediately, and waited patiently for the parcel to arrive. I called the friend to confirm my address.

But then she posted a picture of the magnet on her Facebook account. That got me writhing, i tell you! Literally!

I mean, when you see how gorgeous that magnet is, and you know for a fact that the sender literally lives 15 minutes away from you, you couldn't just wait a day for the PosLaju ti arrive right?

I drove over, waited for her to come home from the grocery store, and unashamedly walked into her home - despite never having met her before!

I mean, look at it! Can you blame me?

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