Friday, April 30, 2010

Nobody's Business

I went on a trip to beautiful Korea recently. Gorgeous country. Totally love it. Would really like to go again someday.

So i went with a tour group, and had a great time.

As usual, everyone had this mysterious, magical thing happen to them. Their luggage magically doubled, and in some cases, TRIPLED! I mean, they arrived in Korea with one bag, and went home with 3!!!

Well, i came home with the same amount of bags. Only they are stuffed with fridge magnets. One thing bothered me though.... when the people in my tour group saw how much magnets i bought, they shook their heads, and said:


Er.... hello??? Did i ask you to pay for the magnets?????

I didn't judge them buying brooches by the cases (as if there are no brooches to be found in Malaysia), so they shouldn't judge me about my nice magnets!


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