Saturday, April 10, 2010

At Last....

The first time i saw this magnet was on an ad online. It was rather pricey, and i didn't know the seller. I reluctantly let it go.

The second time i tried to buy this magnet was on 'Twas no longer available. I had no choice but to let it go.

Then my cousin in the UK was coming home, and i asked dher to buy one for me, IF she happened to pass by the area.... wouldn't want to trouble her with my obsession. She didn't pass through - not that i blame her. 'Twas indeed quite a distance from her place. I smiled and let it go.

My sister's colleague went to London for work. She ordered some from him. He came back with ONE magnet. Naturally, she gave it to my Ma. I willingly let it go.

My friend Anne planned a trip to the UK this month, and i ordered one from her. I was happy, knowing that i would finally get one from her. I waited.

2 weeks before Anne even boarded the plane to the UK, my good friend Ana called - her brother who's living in Munich was on one of his tours across Europe. He bought me one.


'Twas clearly meant to be wasn't it????


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