Friday, April 30, 2010

If You Wish Upon a Star

During my flight tranfer from Korea, i went all over the Hong Kong International Airport, looking for a magnet from Hong Kong to add to my collection. I found some, but not enough to tempt me.

But then, i heard a news along the grapevine.

Rumour has it that Disneyland Hong Kong has a souvenir shop, right there, somewhere in the airport.

I went round and round. Dragging my poor Ma along with me, along with our little trolley with the 2 small carry-ons we had with us.

Who knew it'd be so challenging to find a souvenir store in an airport?

But i found it.

Got myself this colourful magnets from Disneyland.

And this uber-cool metal magnet with Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Minnie spinning around it.

Now i officially have magnets from Disneyland, Hong Kong. '

So what if i've never actually been there, right???


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