Sunday, April 4, 2010


Gutten Tag. Mein name is Ozzie. Ich bin Zwei und Dreizig jahre alt.
I am so getting sued by those who calls Deutch their mothertongue. Sorry guys. My Deutch is super rusty.

I had Deutch classes when i was living in the UK. They had this fieldtrip to Germany during the summer, but i didn't have the chance to go. So we actually spent 3 months learning how to ask for directions, how to ask for the loo (enschuldigang sie bitte, wo is de toiletten bitte??) how to ask for hotels with double rooms, and how to order food and drinks at restaurants.

Well, i forgot how to order, but i had no problems ordering these cool beer mugs from the Deutchland!!!!!!!!

Danke Schoen!

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