Sunday, May 16, 2010

DIY English Plates

My good friend Anne went to the UK, and brought me some cute display plates as souvenirs - in addition to some magnets from London. So i displayed them proudly on my tv cabinet, and pray to God they don't get knocked over.

Then my Ma called me, and said she'd lost all her tiny plate stands, and asked if i have any to spare. I said no, but i suppose i could do something about it.

So i prepared all these items and set to work. I bought the magnet from this super stationery store near my house. I usually buy the round magnets, but they were sold out, so i guess this magnet will do.

So i cut the magnet into tiny pieces

put some glue on the plate and stick the magnets on!

The reason i used 2 pieces of magnets instead of 1 is that the plates are heavy, and since thse strip magnets are not as strong, it's better for us to be safe than sorry, right?

OK, they don't look pretty, but who cares!!! As long as they stick right??????

So now i have three matching plate magnets from London!

Thank you Anne!

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