Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beautiful Borneo

I am a Malaysian citizen. In our small country, we have 14 glorious states. 2 of these glorious states are on the island of Borneo. I am ashamed to say that my first visit to beautiful Sabah only took place a few months ago. 

The beaches were wonderfully delicious and inviting
The ever so famous Mount Kinabalu was magnificent....

The fabulous Rafflesia was blooming....

But of course, the most tempting of all were the selection of magnets!

 The map of Sabah - I remember memorising it as the doghead-shaped state in Geography as a kid...

Mount Kinabalu

The Enggang bird, and the Rafflesia - the biggest flower in the world. This magnet confused me though - i thought Enggang is the mascot of Sarawak, not Sabah? Owell!!! Still a nice magnet i say!

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