Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beary Harrods!

I have always wanted to stop by the Harrods in KLIA. I don't know why i have never done that ever. Well, this time i did, leaving my tired, disgruntled, jet-lagged Ma and baby sis Wokanna to hang on to my luggage while i ran into the famous green and gold signed door.

Look what i found!!!Policeman Bear

Piper Bear

Guardsman Bear

Beefeater Bear

When i finally came out, my Ma and Wokanna's jetlags disappeared when they saw these bears! Being so tired, my Ma sent Wokanna in to get her some!!! :)

T'was indeed a very productive stop. Don't you think???


  1. nice magnets!!! rm32 each rite???

  2. yep! they used to be 50 bucks a piece. i only need 2 more to complete my harrods collection!!!